Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heritage High School Language and Comp Pilot

Pilot at Heritage!

The AP Language and Composition classes at Heritage High School in Vancouver, WA were starting their "synthesis" assignments and invited yolink to participate. Their project consisted of researching controversial topics and then writing an opinion paper. Some of the topics included, climate change, international adoption, plastic surgery, and cell phone laws in schools.

The project began with a discovery of topic ideas and also a discussion of how to find better sources online. Students learned Google search tricks to help them easily find credible sources as well as how to use yolink not only with Google but in their school library online databases. Our integrations with EasyBib and Google Docs were also valuable. Mrs. Zadeh and Mrs. Fryer kept reminding students to "use their tools" (referring to EasyBib and Google Docs) and "remember to use yolink because it researches for you!"

Image from: http://www.evergreenps.org/SCHOOLINFO/Pages/SchoolDetails.aspx?sn=Heritage
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