Monday, May 3, 2010

Pleasant Ridge Elementary School Pilot

Last week yolink was in the Windy City at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School working with a class of 4th grade students studying Biomes. Mrs. Riskin and Mrs. Juozaitis were great hosts and shared their class with us.

The students had been doing research for their Writer’s Workshop project & presentation on Biomes for a week or so already, and had hit a few road blocks. Yolink was a great new addition to their search toolkits, and many students discovered they could find what they had been struggling to find before. Here are a few things students were saying:

“I just found something during one class that I was looking for all last week!” – 4th Grade Student

“I didn’t even know that Bougainvilleas were a part of my biome before I had yolink.” – 4th Grade Student

Mrs. Riskin also had a great analogy for yolink. She said yolink for the web is like the Table of Contents or the Index for a book, in that you can use it to find the specific location of information you are looking for. It saves you from reading or skimming the whole book or website yourself, and takes you right to your desired information. We thought that made a lot of sense!

The students and teachers particularly loved the EasyBib integration as well. They were just learning about citing their sources and had to include a bibliography for their Writer’s Workshop Biome Project.

We are always learning new uses and applications for yolink and our users are our best teachers. We love seeing yolink in action and will definitely be keeping in touch with Mrs. Juozaitis, Mrs. Riskin and the 4th Grade Class!
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