Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to the yolink education blog!

Finally! The launch of yolink's education blog is here!

This is your resource to stay updated on any yolink education news. Our team and guest contributors will be posting stories about where we're visiting and who we're visiting as a part of our yolink Education Program, YEP. Stories and photos are already in the works!

Since the launch of yolink as an educational tool, we've found that most people are begging for a guide to information literacy on the web and we're here to bring it to you with a little yolink on the side. This free guide is developed by educational gurus Alan November and Angela Maiers, both fluent in curriculum creation and information literacy. Its full of lessons, examples, and videos based on literacy levels at your disposal...free! Upon its completion, you will be informed promptly.

We might also throw a few things in that inspire us as well. Our hope is that you will find some ways to make your life and student's lives a little easier.

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