Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Punahou Technology Lab School

A few weeks ago, the yolink education team had the special opportunity to visit Hawaii and participate in Punahou’s Technology Lab School. Punahou is a private K-12 1:1 school in Honolulu which hosts a technology workshop each summer for educators and technology directors from across the Hawaiian Islands.

Both the yolink team and Lucy Gray presented at the Lab School together with other presenters from Apple, the University of Hawaii, and FableVision. Our presentation focused on Google search tools and strategies and how yolink augments the time spent searching online. Lucy Gray also gave a presentation on Global Education and shared an upcoming Global Education Conference which she and Steve Hargadon are co-chairing this year November 15th through 19th. The two presentations from Punahou are available on SlideShare.

During our time at Punahou, we were thrilled to work with many great teachers and students in the Summer School Program. We demonstrated yolink and yolink + SweetSearch during a high school Social Studies class, a mixed middle school and high school Science class, and three high school English classes. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with educators, see a 1:1 school in action, and experience firsthand technology integration in education.
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