Monday, August 2, 2010

yolink returns to Classroom 2.0 on Saturday August 7th

Saturday, August 7 at 9 AM PT, be sure to clear your calendars as Brian Cheek gives an update on the recent events and improvements happening with yolink for Classroom 2.0 . yolink was previously featured by Classroom 2.0 back in May and that archived session can be heard here. Joining Brian will be Ken Shelton, a noted California-based educator, who will discuss the implications of using yolink in classrooms.

One of the biggest updates that Brian will share is the arrival of the yolink API. The API version of yolink will allow users and businesses to incorporate the yolink technology directly into their own websites and blogs. This allows all visitors of these pages to use yolink to search, save, and share without downloading any software. Be sure to tune in next Saturday as Brian shares information about the yolink API, improvements made to the yolink browser tool, and much more. For those who cannot attend check out the article on Mashable as it outlines some of the updates.

To log into the session click here.
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